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asbsestos-removal-remediationSolution Based Hazmat’s Management and staff have extensive experience in managing hazardous materials.

Solution Based Hazmat is fully Insured,
proud to have a WorkSafeBC GoldStar clearance.

Asbestos is a well-known health and safety hazard. Inhalation of asbestos fibres can lead to various serious lung conditions, including asbestosis and cancer. As of December 31, 2018 it is illegal to import, manufacture, sell, trade or use products made from asbestos in Canada, however there are some exemptions for its use. Give us a call for more information.

If you are considering renovating or doing a full demolition on a home or a commercial building - call us first! Here’s a quick example (not a complete list) of some of the items that may contain Asbestos, and it’s very important that you know…

  • Mortar
  • Ceilings Textures & Ceiling Tiles
  • Crawlspaces
  • Drywall Mud
  • Ducting
  • Electrical Wiring
  • Fireplaces
  • Flooring
  • Furnaces or Mechanical Gaskets
  • Plumbing
  • Roofing
  • Shingles
  • Siding
  • Wrapped Tubes
  • Wrapped Pipes
  • Vinyl Tiles in Flooring
  • Sheet Vinyl Flooring

Solution Based Hazmat is fully Insured and have a WorkSafeBC GoldStar clearance.

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