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lead-removalSolution Based Hazmat is the leader in Lead-based paint removal on the Sunshine Coast BC. Lead-based paint is a common building material in older buildings. Homes and buildings older than 1978 should definitely be tested for lead.

Some people ask, "Why should Lead-based paint be removed if we are not renovating? The answer is: Lead-based paint should be removed for the health of your family, or in commercial buildings for the health of your employees.

Deteriorating lead-based paint can produce dangerous levels of lead in the dust and surrounding soil. Deteriorating lead-based paint and environmental dust that contains lead are the main causes of chronic lead poisoning.

The lead in paint breaks down over time into the dust and in a home, children may be crawling or sitting on the floor - as a result, it can easily ingested.

If you suspect there is lead in your home or building or you have had a profesional Home Inspection and lead was found - it should be removed as soon as possible. Lead poisoning is very serious and can cause headaches, memory issues, abdominal pain, sterility, developmental delays in children, and many other adverse health effects.

We pride ourselves in providing professional Lead Remediation Solutions. 

Solution Based Hazmat will safely remove lead, lead-based paint and other lead containing materials, as well as the removing lead roof vents and flashing. Let us know if you have any questions on Lead Removal and Remediation.

Our lead paint removal services include:

Sandblasting - Needle Scalers - Hand Scraping - Ice Blasting - Sponge - Full Removal

If you know or suspect your home or building has any lead content in the paint or other building materials - give us a call. We would be happy to provide a free estimate on our Lead Removal and Remediation services.

We are fully Insured and covered by WorkSafeBC.

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Solution Based Hazmat is committed to:
Safety, Professionalism and Expertise.

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